Asteroid (just one!)

Screenshot of Asteroid in action

Asteroid (just one!) is a modern version of the arcade classic Asteroids, using OpenGL, GLUT, and optionally GTK and SDL_mixer. It features a variety of powerups, taunting aliens, 3D textured asteroids, face-melting sound effects, and infinite playability.


What year is it?

What else does 2020 have in store for us? I had the controls wrong for *checks watch* all 17 years, come tomorrow, of this miserable pile of code's existence. I simply couldn't wait another day to release the fix, in Asteroid v1.3.

I've also discovered an ancient technology called appimage whose powerful incantations promise to moot distribution-specific packaging tools. As such there will be no more .debs or ppa releases. Upsides include greater portability and hopefully not making the user install anything, plus now that we're portable (just make a folder named the same as the .AppImage + .home and slap it on a linux live usb stick) you can take Asteroid and your high scores with you everywhere you go. Do so.


I decided it was ludicrous for the Linux build to be a second-rate citizen, so I've gone ahead and put some work into it. Asteroid now features a brand spankin' new (optional, obviously) GTK high score dialog (ugly as it may be) so you never have to rely on the console to input your name when you rock (pun soooooo intended) a sweet run. Also a desktop file so you can launch it straight from whatever launcher you've installed to avoid Unity. I've gone ahead and released the changes as v1.2. Feel ashamed every moment you go without having devoted the rest of your life to this new release.

v1.1 proves there IS sound in space

Thanks to a patch from Scott Barr, I was able and motivated to add sound to Asteroid! I even spent some time recording some unique sound effects (100% guitar-generated). But space is a vacuum—there's no sound in space! you note? Sorry, you're wrong! Asteroid is an advanced physical simulation. The fact that the sounds emanating from the explosions and other game events reach your ears is undeniable proof that you can hear within the vacuum of space.

You should probably get the new version. And please let me know if anyone has issues with it—it's not as well tested as it could be.